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Our Parental Control Solution is LIMITLESS

To Protect Your Children 24/7 –

Everywhere They Go…


How is Benu Networks’ Parental Control solution different than all the others?

All other vendors’ offer LIMITED parental control:
• Limited to wi-fi access only
• Limited to the home environment
• Limited to the device

This means that the majority of the time your children aren’t protected!

A limited parental control solution means the level of unprotected exposure is much greater than the level of overall protection.

Current statistics on the various online threats, such as cyber predators, cyber bulling, sexting, etc., that face today’s youth are extremely concerning:


42% percent of youth Internet users had been exposed to online pornography. Of those, 66% reported that it was unwanted exposure.

(Source: American Academy of Pediatrics)


77% of the targets for online predators were age 14 or older, and another 22% were users ages 10 to 13.

(Source: Crimes against Children Research Center)


Over 50% of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying.

(Source: i-SAFE Foundation)

The key features within Benu Networks’ parental control solution include:

  • Web portal and mobile application: Provides a parental dashboard to manage policy settings of access to websites and content, to schedule online access, and view usage statistics/reports
  • Web monitoring/blocking: Blocks web access individually or by category
  • Online time controls: Limits a child’s online time per day, on any or all their devices
  • Application time controls: Limits a child’s online time per day, for specific web categories/websites
  • Bedtime schedule: Blocks internet access on a set schedule, specific to the day of the week
  • Real-time online timeout: Allows a parent to pause online access, putting a child on an “online timeout” to prevent internet access on the child’s devices
  • Home alerts: Alerts a parent when a child arrives home or leaves the home
  • Usage alerts: Alerts a parent when a child is about to exceed set usage limits across all devices
  • Activity reports: Real time activity reports on a child’s online behavior, even when a child browses via incognito mode
  • Service provider deployment: Branded end user portal, operational interfaces, and an administrative portal for the service provider to ensure branded user experience, and seamless administration of the solution

Benu Networks Provides Secure Policy Enforcement for How People Connect Online – Across All Devices and Networks

tablet pc parental control

Benu Networks’ parental control solution ensures that the security policies assigned by a parent to a child are enforced across all devices and networks – wherever and whenever that child is online.

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Benu Networks’ Managed Home Network Solution (MBN)

Parental controls is part of Benu Networks’ Managed Home Network Solution (MHN).  For more information, visit the Managed Home Network Solution page.

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