Managed Business Networking (MBN)


Today more than 90% of firms worldwide are classified as a small-medium business. These businesses are looking for a “zero-IT” solution to not only save costs but also increase business productivity and profitability.

Benu Networks is focused on providing a Managed Business Networking solution with the following major attributes:

  • The service provider owns the customer experience and information
  • Designed to be deployed in the operators network, with an open architecture that allows service providers to integrate the offering with their existing products (residential, homespot, Wi-Fi)
  • Contains end-to-end business and service logic for deployment of cloud-managed Wi-Fi offerings, or alternatively supports a ‘pluggable’ approach for service providers to use hooks and interfaces to blend their own components
  • Supports a cloud managed Wi-Fi offering for mass market customers with a single site, allowing service providers to offer premium “Zero-IT” services to this market.
  • Supports multiple access points per site, and customers with multiple sites and interconnection (VPN) requirements
  • Utilizes an overlay and abstracted architecture that supports a success-based spending model – the components can be centralized and used to deploy services across a large logical and physical footprint.
  • Provides detailed network, device session stats to analyze & improve existing services and formulate new ones
Telenet: The Largest Provider of Cable Broadband Services in Belgium

April 12, 2018 – Telenet Turns to Benu Networks to Deliver Cloud-based Managed Business Services to the SOHO/SME Markets – view the release

“After an exhaustive selection process, Telenet is pleased to have chosen Benu Networks’ highly flexible architecture to deliver our new Wi-Fi Business service,” stated Stijn Vander Plaetse, Vice President, Product & Marketing, Telenet Business.   “By moving key network functions to the cloud, this ingenious solution enables us to add new services rapidly and efficiently – seamlessly on top of our existing infrastructure.  With the most compelling return on investment analysis, Benu Networks’ solution future proofed our network by delivering a single platform that supports the effortless launch of additional services going forward.”

Additionally, the Benu Networks’ Managed Business solution will allow for Service Function Chaining (SFC), allowing deployment of network based services on a per-device and per-business basis. These services can be delivered using best of breed technologies that allow independent scaling of services, based upon the take rate.

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