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NetOS Datasheet

With Benu NetOS, businesses and service providers can experience the full benefits of NFV and extend cloud-centric technologies all the way to the customer premise. On a single uCPE, all network functions can be integrated into a single solution without getting locked into vendor’s custom hardware. This enables ultimate flexibility… Read More

Benu Operations Subscriber Simulator (BOSS) Data Sheet

Benu’s Operations Subscriber Simulator (BOSS) addresses critical challenges with proactive network performance monitoring. BOSS is an operations tool that helps predict and understand end-user experience in a variety of real-world scenarios. With real-time QoE analytics, network administrators can make informed decisions quickly, mitigating of costly network… Read More

Analytics Services Overview

Benu provides customers with in-depth analytics to facilitate efficient management and operation of their IP service offerings. Analytics are essential to successful network operations; these include: • Capacity planning • Security incident tracking • User behavior statistics • Network performance statistics (latency, stability, etc.) Benu’s… Read More

Why Build A Wi-Fi Hotspot Network?

It’s 2020 – you don’t offer WiFi hotspots yet? It’s no surprise that we love internet access, especially when we’re on the go  – just look at the growth of mobile apps, the increase in screen time… need I say more? There are 5.11 billion unique mobile users in… Read More

SD-WAN vs SD-Branch

What is SD-WAN? What is SD-Branch? And what is the difference between the two? SD-Branch and SD-WAN are terms that we see frequently, but how do they relate to each other? How are they different? In this article we’ll explore what SD-WAN is, what SD-Branch is, and how these two… Read More

WiFi Access Gateway (WAG) Solution Brief

Benu Networks’ WAG is used in a variety of deployment uses cases including Public / Community WiFi, Mobile Network Offload, Smart Cities, Venue WiFi, Hospitality WiFi, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU). All of these environments have a common theme: a large volume of guest WiFi users.  While enterprise WiFi solutions primarily… Read More

Firewall & Security Services Data Sheet

Benu’s carrier-class firewall is protecting over 24M WLAN APs and the users behind them. Carrying over 7 Petabytes of traffic a day, Benu’s firewall software is field proven for nearly a decade of broad commercial deployment. Trusted by the largest, most demanding Tier-1 carriers in the world, Benu’s SD-Edge software… Read More

xMEG Series Data Sheet

The xMEG Series is Benu Network’s high performance hardware deployment option for the SD-Edge Platform, a comprehensive software that provides next-generation packet processing and subscriber management functions. xMEGs leverage the latest innovations in high-capacity, low-latency fast-path x86 processing, carrier-grade Linux, and provide an easy-to-deploy appliance-based system. Read More