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The Value of a Hybrid SASE/MPLS Solution for the Enterprise and Carrier

Broadband Forum Webinar: Evolving Broadband Business and Enterprise Service Delivery and Ecosystem Security has become the number one concern for corporate IT managers. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provides tremendous value in addressing this issue, but many enterprise customers still rely on MPLS VPNs to connect branch locations to headquarters,… Read More

Benu Networks' SASE Solution Running on AWS

Demonstration of Benu Networks’ SASE Solution Running on AWS Benu Networks is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to allow communication service providers (CSPs) to deploy Benu Networks’ cloud-native Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions out of AWS Regions and AWS Outposts anywhere in the… Read More

Cloud-Native BNG at Scale – A Demonstration

Broadband Forum UFBB Conference – Day 2: Cloud, Core and Edge Service Delivery   Why Are Cloud Native, Disaggregated BNGs Gaining Momentum?  Mobile networks have already moved to virtualized, cloud-native solutions, so what about the fixed network? For years, the heavy bandwidth demands of fixed networks were thought to be… Read More

Super-charge the Connected Home With a Software-Defined Edge

Broadband Forum’s State of Broadband Day 2: The Future Telco-Connected and IoT Home With a proliferation of users and IoT devices and a shift to remote work, network traffic has exploded and cybersecurity risks have escalated. Delivering a secure, unified connected home experience is complex. Historically, operators have been constrained… Read More