vMEG Series

Benu Networks’ virtual Multiservice Edge Gateway (vMEG) is software instance solution, which runs the SD-Edge Platform and leverages innovations in fast path processing, high-capacity compute, carrier-grade Linux and Benu Networks IP services & networking software.

Designed for fixed and mobile broadband service providers deploying next generation IP services to the edge and core of their networks, the solution can run VMware, OpenStack, virtual environments on standard Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware, and common industry hypervisors. The platform can support multiple services simultaneously. supports .

The vMEG provides new scale and economics for Benu Networks’ virtualized IP service & network applications and offers service providers a fully virtualized deployment for the most demanding networking and IP service applications.

The vMEG is designed to support the following applications:

  • Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG): Homespot, Hotspot 2.0,and Roaming
  • Trusted Wi-Fi Access Gateway (TWAG): Mobile Data Offload and 3GPP Interworking
  • Virtual CPE (vCPE): Residential, SoHo/SMB, Multi-Dwelling Unit, Campus
  • Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite) Address Family Transition Router (AFTR)
  • B2B Static IP and IP VPN Router
  • Provider Edge Router (6PE/PE)
  • Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN)

vMEG Series