Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG)

The Benu Networks virtual broadband network gateway (vBNG) offers advanced subscriber management, dynamic routing capabilities, as well as a robust set of functionalities that empower service providers to become more agile, dynamic, and scalable to meet consumer demand.

Agility and flexibility to rapidly provision services

The vBNG, running on the Benu SD-Access Platform, streamlines packet processing as well as separating the control plane and data plane for dynamic scaling, added agility, optimal network performance, and cost reduction. 

scale elastically

Scale up to high bandwidth and scale down to lower cost platforms. Our “any-scale” vBNG gives operators immense flexibility to grow as their business needs change. 

“One of the key challenges we face, particularly as Africa’s leading Wi-Fi provider of services, is our ability to be agile and dynamic with the services we offer and scaling these efficiently … Now, with the Benu vBNG, we can tailor services to each customer and deliver network scale much closer to the edge and allows us to expand into markets much more cost-effectively.”
Khetan Gajjar
CTO at VAST Networks

Unmatched performance

Service providers can now consolidate functions such as TDF/DPI, CGNAT, SG, and BNG, into a single virtualized platform for ultra-low latency and high performance. ​With low latency and jitter, latency under 10 microseconds & jitter of 200 nanoseconds, the vBNG offers highly performant solution.

Open Architecture

The flexible, open architecture supports 3rd party service stitching on top of the breadth of functionality native to the vBNG.  Leverage best-of-breed tools already engrained in your stack.

Go Beyond Dumb Pipes

With the Benu Networks vBNG, service providers can go beyond just providing a ‘dumb pipe’ broadband connection and instead rapidly provision value-added services that reduce churn and increase ARPU.

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