Transforming your network shouldn’t be a hassle. Existing WAN approaches make it difficult to make application centric routing decisions and operate in a dynamic fashion, based on the status of the network.

With the Benu Networks cloud-first platform, you’re equipped with the functionality you need to virtualize your network, making it easier than ever to be dynamic, scalable, and efficient. 

The Benu Platform virtualizes integral network functionality, empowering service providers to seamlessly transition to a cloud-based 5G ready network. The SD-Edge Platform acts as the software foundation for all of our products.
Our technology simplifies the complexity of network optimization, helping service providers rapidly scale their offerings, manage their network, and ensure the service experience. By disaggregating legacy network structures and eliminating hardware dependencies, service providers are free to move towards a modern network, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.
The SD-Edge Platform provides unmatched capacity per box with deep network intelligence so that fixed and mobile broadband service providers can dynamically control their networks and rapidly deploy next generation IP services to the edge and core of their networks.

The platform is designed to support the following applications:

  • Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG): HomeSpot, HotSpot 2.0, andRoaming
  • Trusted Wi-Fi Access Gateway (TWAG): Mobile Data Offload and 3GPPInterworking
  • Virtual CPE (vCPE): Residential, SoHo/SMB, Multi-Dwelling Unit, Campus
  • Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite): IPv4-IPv6Transition
  • B2B Static IP and IP VPN Router
  • Provider Edge Router (6PE/PE)
  • Carrier-grade NAT(CGN)

Any of the products leveraging the platform can be deployed using:

  1. Virtually using our vMEG deployment model
  2. Physically with our xMEG model
  3. Hybrid approach with vMEG and xMEG

Wireless access gateways (WAG) serve as the cornerstone for critical subscriber access and policy control functions ensuring simple, secure and seamless subscriber experiences across endpoints, hotspots, and carrier access networks.

Benu Networks’ Wireless Access Gateway (WAG/TWAG) delivers scale and performance for advanced IPv4/IPv6 subscriber management, Wi-Fi mobility including cellular interworking, large scale DHCPv4/v6 server, Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT), service edge routing (OSPF, BGP, IS-IS), access control and filtering policies, and many other features necessary to deliver a carrier-grade Wi-Fi experience and services.

  • Smart Cities
  • Home as a Hotspot
  • Guest Wi-Fi Access for Small-to- Medium Business (SMB)
  • Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) with Virtual Tenant
  • Hospitality Wi-Fi
  • Large Venue Wi-Fi

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The Benu vBNG offers cutting-edge subscriber management and access control, with device-level granularity and deep analytics. With a fully virtualized solution including subscriber management, authentication, routing, device level policy control, and deep analytics, elastic scaling and service agility is more attainable than ever.

The Benu vBNG delivers unmatched performance and scalability with a 5G ready, flexible architecture. Built as an integral part of the Benu Platform, the Benu vBNG disaggregates network functions, streamlines packet processing, and consolidates functions (TDF/DPI, CGNAT, SG, BNG, AGF) into single virtualized platform for a cost-effective, performant solution.

Benu vBNG includes:

  • Device Level Policies
  • Analytics
  • Interconnect
  • DPI
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accounting
  • IP Addressing
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Service Policies
  • Lawful Intercept

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Get real-time network and application performance metrics, so you can measure the quality of experience (QoE) of both unauthenticated and
authenticated subscribers across geographically disbursed wireless access gateways.

The Benu Operations Subscriber Suite (BOSS) tool provides critical user experience insights to improve operational efficiency and to ensure an optimal user experience.

With BOSS you can:

  • rapidly pinpoint network degradation issues
  • optimize network performance
  • decreasing costly customer satisfaction issues and subscriber churn.

This solution includes the following features:

  • Operator Dashboard
  • Real-time Alerts for Change in Customer Experience and Network Conditions
  • Customer Experience Charts
  • Device Simulator
  • Tunnel Simulator
  • Speed Test Server
  • AAA / Captive Portal Integration

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