Product Type: Wireless Access Gateway (WAG)

Remote & Teleworker Solution Brief

With the Benu Networks Teleworking Solution, operators can offer Business and Enterprise customers a means to boost productivity, improve employee experience, and ensure that business critical activities remain on a secure network, without lots of IT headaches. The Benu Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG) is a Software-Defined Edge platform that enables… Read More

Analytics Services Overview

Benu provides customers with in-depth analytics to facilitate efficient management and operation of their IP service offerings. Analytics are essential to successful network operations; these include: • Capacity planning • Security incident tracking • User behavior statistics • Network performance statistics (latency, stability, etc.) Benu’s… Read More

WiFi Access Gateway (WAG) Solution Brief

Benu Networks’ WAG is used in a variety of deployment uses cases including Public / Community WiFi, Mobile Network Offload, Smart Cities, Venue WiFi, Hospitality WiFi, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU). All of these environments have a common theme: a large volume of guest WiFi users.  While enterprise WiFi solutions primarily… Read More

xMEG Series Data Sheet

The xMEG Series is Benu Network’s high performance hardware deployment option for the SD-Edge Platform, a comprehensive software that provides next-generation packet processing and subscriber management functions. xMEGs leverage the latest innovations in high-capacity, low-latency fast-path x86 processing, carrier-grade Linux, and provide an easy-to-deploy appliance-based system. Read More

Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG) Data Sheet

Benu Networks’ Wireless Access Gateway (WAG/TWAG) delivers scale and performance for advanced IPv4/IPv6 subscriber management, Wi-Fi mobility including cellular interworking, large scale DHCPv4/v6 server, Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT), service edge routing (OSPF, BGP, IS-IS), access control and filtering policies, and many other features necessary to deliver… Read More