Product Type: Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG/BNG)

Cloud-Native BNG at Scale – A Demonstration

Broadband Forum UFBB Conference – Day 2: Cloud, Core and Edge Service Delivery   Why Are Cloud Native, Disaggregated BNGs Gaining Momentum?  Mobile networks have already moved to virtualized, cloud-native solutions, so what about the fixed network? For years, the heavy bandwidth demands of fixed networks were thought to be… Read More

Super-charge the Connected Home With a Software-Defined Edge

Broadband Forum’s State of Broadband Day 2: The Future Telco-Connected and IoT Home With a proliferation of users and IoT devices and a shift to remote work, network traffic has exploded and cybersecurity risks have escalated. Delivering a secure, unified connected home experience is complex. Historically, operators have been constrained… Read More

Case Study - Deploying A Teleworker SASE Solution Across 26 Countries

Joint Webinar: Benu, ADTRAN, & Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) More and more the lines between home and enterprise networks are blurring. For communication service providers (CSPs), satisfying emerging enterprise-class requirements on residential broadband connections will define the future winners and losers among CSPs. The fast-growing demand for… Read More

Access Gateway Function (AGF) Data Sheet

The Benu Networks 5G virtual access gateway function (5G vAGF) offers advanced subscriber management, dynamic routing capabilities, as well as a robust set of functionalities that empower 5G service providers to manage their fixed line subscribers with their 5G core. Not only does this enable consolidated fixed and mobile billing,… Read More