June 21, 2016 – XLN offers free public Wi-Fi on every British high street using Benu’s VSE

XLN will soon provide free public Wi-Fi, initially to 15,000 of its small business customers. This will allow these businesses to automatically offer free Wi-Fi to their customers.

This unprecedented move is then planned to be extended to all of XLN’s business broadband customers, which will further extend Wi-Fi coverage on every high street and postcode in the UK. 1 in 10 high street shops, 1 in 7 hairdressers and 1 in 10 restaurants are XLN customers, so the reach of this new service is huge.

For small businesses, this is big news. Having a simple, safe and cost effective way of providing free Wi-Fi to customers without resorting to shared passwords or expensive custom solutions is great for their business and bottom line. And in time, as XLN rolls out free Wi-Fi across its growing base, it will become the largest Wi-Fi network for small businesses in the UK, and that’s got to be great for consumers too.

XLN Wi-Fi is available exclusively to XLN broadband customers, and is activated remotely using existing equipment. And for the customers of these businesses, accessing XLN Wi-Fi is fast, free and user friendly. And the best bit? We’re giving it to our customers completely free of charge. Through XLN Wi-Fi, we’ll help to level the playing field, and give small businesses the chance to compete fairly with corporate chains.

XLN Founder and CEO Christian Nellemann, said: ‘We’re going to create the single biggest small business Wi-Fi network in the UK, and we’re going to Wi-Fi enable every British high street – it’s as simple as that. This will give customers more reasons to choose small, independent businesses over corporate giants, and that means more support for independent high streets as a whole. For anyone that cares about their local high street, this is massive.’


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